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Professional groomers usually charge between $10 to $100 for one grooming session. You can expect the cost of grooming your fluffy Shep to be somewhere in the middle or towards the higher end. If they are difficult to handle during grooming, your groomer might charge you extra, considering the additional work.

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Once you have decided what qualities you want in your Australian shepherd, look for a breeder that values and selectively breeds for those qualities. PetMD says that they have a need to follow their owner, or other pets, around the house. They may seem cautious or unaware at first, but, after some time, they should be able to manage any stairs they find in their path.

Not only does this drain energy, it builds the dog’s confidence as they are solving a problem on their own. Additionally this activity is a great way to distract the dog away from things such as a new visitor in the home. Australian Shepherds are a working breed, which means that they have a lot of energy and an independent problem-solving streak. These traits are why they excel when herding other animals, but can cause some issues with a live in a home as a companion. But you dont have to be a professional Australian Shepherd dog trainer to teach a dog to stop barking. This breed is relatively clean by nature so baths only need to be given as-needed when the dog is dirty or begins to emit an odor.

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Her bones are still developing through the first year, so wait until after that to make your puppy your regular running partner. Stick with gentler forms of exercise like fetch and daily walks on soft surfaces (try to avoid excessive exercise on asphalt and pavement). If you don’t have access to information about the parents, there are other ways to estimate your dog’s final size. In general, females will be smaller than males.4 Whereas females can reach up to pounds, males can grow from pounds. To estimate how big your dog will get, first, take a look at his parents if you can. Your female pup should grow to a similar size as her mother, and a male pup will more closely resemble its father.

No matter how you encourage your Aussie to stay active, make sure that you do. Regular exercise helps keep your best friend limber, mentally stimulated, and in shape—all important pieces of the long-life puzzle. The good news is that you don’t have to screen your Aussie’s health all on your own—there are professionals for that. Before you stress out about the lack of pep in your pup’s step, head to the vet for a second opinion on any sort of potential health problem. However, their enthusiasm, energy, and intelligence make them easy to train for the right owner. With proper training and plenty of effort, time, and patience on your part, you’ll end up with a wonderful companion for many years. Aussies are high-energy working dogs and can do well in agility or herding trials.

Isolating from Other Dogs:

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And other supplies need to be replaced regularly, such as toys, poop bags, etc. It’s important to remember that all Aussie Sheps and families are different, meaning prices vary from pup to pup. The prices here are to give you an average minimum realistic figure rather than a definite price.

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