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In this guide, we look at the best employee scheduling software solutions available. Each has its own pros, and cons, and targets different types of users, so be sure to read carefully before settling on the best option for your needs. The days of creating schedules on Excel documents or manually scripting out a rota are long gone. They take too long to create, often lead to miscommunications, staff no-shows and keep you from doing other, more important work.

Employee Scheduling Software how

So if dealing with shift management and labor costs is a big part of your business, you should use such a tool to streamline workflow, eliminate tedious paperwork, and ultimately—save time and money. StaffAny Singapore will provide reliable and efficient employee scheduling solution, solidifying its position as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to enhance their operational efficiency. By integrating StaffAny Singapore’s shift management software, businesses can ensure streamlined scheduling processes, improved workforce management, and, ultimately, enhanced business performance.

Overcome staff shortages, maintain tax compliance, and help tie operations to grant funding. The benefit of this feature is that it allows employees to log in and see their schedule from any device, promoting greater accountability among team members, higher productivity, and greater security. These tips will help you create more space in your schedule and increase your productivity. Equipped with our recommended examples, you’re now ready to enter the world of online employee scheduling. Be flexible and open to shift swaps or adjustments based on employee requests.


Any transitional pains will often be resolved after the software is successfully implemented and your staff is trained on how to use it. Humanity, like every other employee scheduling software provider, charges a monthly rate for companies to access its functionality. An employee scheduling app works alongside your desktop applications to provide scheduling access to supervisors and managers in the field. An integrated solution that automatically updates scheduling into payroll and billing eliminates errors from manual or redundant data entry, ensuring accuracy.

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StaffAny’s scheduling software provides basic scheduling functionality, such as creating and managing schedules, handling shift swaps, and tracking time. Even more, StaffAny also offers more advanced features like comprehensive reporting and analytics. Our product specialists are available to assist you in exploring the best employee scheduling software for your business.

Also, the tool should be integrated with email tools and messengers — so that a manager and employees can be immediately alerted about swap updates. This way, both managers and team members receive more control over scheduling and attendance. Every team member has access to transparent numeric data on all logged-in hours and can adjust their schedules according to these statistics. Managers often experience difficulties evaluating how much time employees spend at the office. When the team switches to flexible schedules, some employees might use it to their advantage and spend much less time in the office than their colleagues do. To keep track of such behaviors, managers can get regular reports of the number of logged-in hours.

Scheduling and shift management

After establishing the list of services we would evaluate, we visited each company’s website to note its services, features and pricing models. Read more about Employee Scheduling App here. We also sought out customer testimonials and third-party reviews to weed out any services that didn’t seem like good picks for small businesses.

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