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OEMs are the network equipment manufacturers most are familiar with and are typically the same manufacturers that make parts for a car company. Generally, parts listed as OEM are trustworthy simply because you know that you’re getting the same high-quality parts as the original. Create a UX that allows users to identify their vehicle, then filter to display only relevant products.

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You can expect to sell the item in a few days or even just a few hours after posting about it. Another option is to look at the specific codes of the parts you need and then order them using those.

Therefore, having a reliable tracking measure for industry dynamics is essential to stay informed about rapid changes. The rise of DIY auto maintenance and repair adds yet another consideration to what kind of packaging solutions you’ll need. Read more about light bar here. The options for DIYers on how they purchase their products is as varied as the packaging that goes with it. When an auto part is needed or when one is ordered, a company is going to work to create it and to have it shipped out to the company or the person that orders it. Similarly, when an auto part cannot be ordered from a company or from a factory, an auto parts fabricator comes into play.

How to Sell Car Parts Online With WordPress (Step by Step)

Finding affordable commercial real estate in busy places like malls or strip centers requires dealerships to carefully assess their finances before committing to a lease agreement. “On designated “Free Parts Day” Saturdays, customers have access to the entire self-serve part of the yard with their $49.95 admission fee.

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These are fun facts to know, but they can also spare you days of frustrating for-sale ad browsing online. Junkyards catalog their available vehicles, but not how intact they are. You really don’t know if that truck in the photos still looks like that, or whether it’ll be reduced to a steering wheel sitting on the ground when you get there. It may be unlikely that a shopper in your local area will be looking for that part, but you might be able to find a buyer when you sell online and tap into a national market. Modern vehicles often have engine blocks made of aluminum or a combination of aluminum.

Whether your packaging is small and light or large and heavy, optimizing packaging can reduce freight costs. Rather than being commodities common to most vehicles, parts are now often closer to minicomputers, each with highly differentiated features and functions. Digital trends are leading toward more electronics, more sensors, more screens and therefore, more fragility and harder to replace parts. In this article, we break down last mile delivery costs so you can better understand the most expensive step in the supply chain. Learn how the right routing & dispatch software can help your company automate daily routes and enhance logistics efficiency. The software also works in real time and shows accurate insights on what roads and weather conditions to avoid.

But this is a hacky solution and causes issues down the track where part numbers may not be unique whereas SKUs need to be a stock keeping unit which is unique to the business and product. Being familiar with your audience offers valuable insights into the best methods of selling auto parts online. Another way you can collect data on what is needed the most would be to check online websites that sell auto spare parts.

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