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It’s your job to tell the tow truck driver or dispatcher where your car is. When you call for a tow, the person on the other end of the line will collect a few details about you, your vehicle and your location. This information is passed onto the driver via the radio or specialty dispatch software.

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On top of this base cost, you can then charge between $2 and $4 for miles traveled when towing the car. If you’re keeping the vehicle within your custody for an extended time, you can also charge a storage fee for each night it’s within your custody. Before you start hauling an endless amount of cargo into a trailer or hitch up an 18-foot-long boat, it’s best to know the towing capacity of your car, truck, SUV or recreational vehicle. Towing too much weight can cause a myriad of problems, no matter how big and powerful your engine is.

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Tongue weight and loading your trailer

Remember, this amount refers to how much weight you can add without a trailer. It weighs 5,000 lbs empty and you already have 4,000 lbs of dirt in the truck bed.

Step 3: Secure startup funding

Without providing 24/7 towing, it’s difficult to get contracts with repair shops and government organizations. Additionally, the more hours a tow truck is used to tow vehicles, the faster the investment in the truck can be recouped. Tow trucks use specialized equipment like wheel lift trucks and flatbed trucks to raise locked, stationary wheels off the ground. This allows them to safely tow vehicles without transmission damage.

Trailers are remarkably durable and can handle various vehicles in both security and weight. The trailer towing procedure is very similar to that of the tow dolly, but there are key differences you need to be aware of when learning how to tow a car with a pickup truck or trailer. To determine your truck’s towing capacity, you’ll need to refer to the vehicle’s owner’s manual or check the manufacturer’s website. One way to distribute the load properly is by using a weight distribution hitch. A weight distribution hitch uses tension on the spring bars to transfer a portion of the tongue weight to the front axle of the tow vehicle, which helps to level the load and improve stability. The right set of tires can make a big difference in your truck’s towing capacity. Look for tires with a higher load rating and increased tread life.

It will guide you to success and will help you secure startup funding—especially when it’s time to buy your tow trucks. If you follow these steps, secure the necessary startup funding, and have a love for servicing your clients, you’ll maximize your tow truck business’s chance of success.

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