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As I progressed through my educational journey, my interest in biology focused on human health and disease. I was fascinated by the underlying mechanisms of illnesses and intrigued by the potential to treat or prevent them through medical research. • As a dentistry student at the College of Dentistry and Dental Clinics (/education) at the University of Iowa, you will practise what you learn in class by treating patients in the College’s onsite dental clinics. • If you are interested in bioinformatics and using data science to improve dental health, Erliang also recommends studying statistics, computer science and learning programming languages such as R and Python. If you need a filling, crown, or a simple procedure, seeing a dental student is a good option for some patients. There’s often a 50 percent discount when you go to a student dental clinic for dental care.

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All coursework must be completed with a grade of C or better from an accredited U.S. college or university at the conclusion of
the spring term of the year accepted. Grades of C- or lower and courses taken pass/fail or credit/no credit will not be accepted. The following courses (semester hours or equivalent quarter hours) are required to apply to the School of Dental Medicine.

Hence, checking for the presence of tight contact points at each implant review is important. The integrity of the contact point can be recorded using clinical photographs and also by using floss or fine (12 μm) articulating paper between the contacts and recording this. Mobility may involve the dental implant fixture itself or the components used to restore it (that is, abutment screw, crown or bridge components). Any mobility should be investigated further and dealt with quickly, as this can rapidly deteriorate, resulting in inflammation, subsequent crestal bone loss and peri-implantitis. Mobility may also lead to fractures of the restorative component (such as the abutment screw). This is then repeated with the patient fully closing and clenching, during which the Shimstock foil contact should be held (Fig. 2). The occlusal assessment should also include any signs of occlusal overload on the implant prosthesis.

Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) Program

The digitization of dentistry is both inevitable and positive for the future of dental practices. Depending on your unique oral health needs, your dentist or hygienist may recommend other preventive services like dental sealants or fluoride treatments.

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You should also correct your nutrition to complement your dental health journey. The early stages of gingivitis and mild periodontal disease can be reversed with a good routine of oral hygiene and professional treatment for the infection. This is a subset of extracurricular activities that can help you stand out and showcase your humanity and/or leadership skills—also part of what you’ll need to become a dentist. Volunteering doesn’t only have to be related to dentistry, you could help out with Habitat for Humanity, at a local soup kitchen, or even through a church organization. Furthermore, the contacts you make while volunteering could carry over into your undergraduate years, giving you a head start on those valuable extracurricular hours for dental school. To enter a specialty, you’ll need to do a residency following dental school.

The patient’s static occlusion would consider the function of the implant prosthesis during maximum intercuspation, while dynamic functions include anterior protrusive and lateral excursive movements. The occlusal prescription is dependent on the type of implant prosthesis placed. For example, with a single implant in a dentate patient, occlusal contacts in excursive movements may be avoided, whereas in a full arch restoration, this would not be possible.

Review the Status of My Application

When treating patients, 3D dental technology provides dentists with far more information than what they once received using film X-rays of the past. Unless you work with this type of equipment firsthand, it can be difficult to fully understand how digital scanners can improve the level of dental care patients receive. Ask about the emergency dentist’s experience in handling urgent dental cases. Experienced emergency dentists are more adept at quick and accurate diagnoses and treatments. Some dental practices offer 24/7 emergency services, meaning you can reach them at any time, day or night.

Mobilization with the straight elevator is usually first done anterior to the tooth being removed and then posterior to the tooth. The straight elevator also can be inserted vertically along the long axis of the tooth between the root and the socket, and rotated to further expand the socket.

His diligence and passion for research propels me to move forward as a clinician-scientist every day. In my free time, I love pursuing my passion for gardening and growing orchids. I enjoy working with soil and plants, and I find it satisfying to cultivate and harvest my own fruits and vegetables. Gardening provides an opportunity to connect with nature and spend time outdoors, which is a welcome respite from the demands of my work as a researcher. Look for work shadowing opportunities in careers that interest you, as gaining practical experience is the best way to know if the career is right for you. In fact, a licensed dentist is always present during all procedures to supervise everything a dental student is doing.

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