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The jewellery will come with a screw-on cap or bail that will need to be removed. These instructions will guide you on how to transfer a portion of the ashes to your keepsake jewellery. If you want the gems incorporated into pieces of jewelry, you might be charged a separate cost for both the jewelry and the fitting.

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We do not currently offer the ash jewelry in 14k white gold or 14k yellow gold. As with all our products, the ash jewelry comes with a beautiful gift box. This makes giving this item as a special gift to your loved one so easy and thoughtful.

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All living organisms, from plants to animals to humans, contain the element carbon. Carbon is the prime component in diamonds, both natural and synthetic. To create a diamond in a laboratory, carbon is subjected to the same conditions–extreme heat and pressure–it would endure inside the earth to produce a natural diamond. Showcasing a favorite photo together with their engraved fingerprint, our memorial Lockets create a more personal way to always keep the memory of the people you love near.

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Containers made of lavish materials, like marble, cost more than those made of cheaper materials, like recycled paper. Note these prices only reflect the average cost of an urn, not any added features such as engraving. What remains is then put into a special processor designed to pulverize the bone fragments to a finer consistency. This material, commonly known as “ashes”, is then placed inside a plastic bag within a temporary plastic container. Read more about ashes to jewellery here. Finally, arrangements are made for their transfer and safekeeping consistent with original paperwork signed by the next of kin. Once the cremation is complete, there needs to be a cool-down period, so the bone fragments are sufficiently cooled before handling. When cooled, the cremated remains are respectfully removed by being carefully “swept” from the retort.

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For cremation diamonds, the size, cut, and color are decided prior to purchase and the diamond is grown specifically to hit the specifications decided upon. The diamond is completely custom-made across an intricate process where everyone in every step is an Eterneva diamond expert.

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