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If they say the Coating is safe to use on plastic or glass, use it. Otherwise, avoid such surfaces and stick to the car’s paint only.

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The ceramic coating is applied as a liquid, and then cured using heat or UV light. This curing process causes the polymer to cross-link and form a solid layer on the surface of the car. Your advice on waiting for it to cure is useful since if you’re not careful and accidentally get your car wet, you’ll ruin the ceramic coating. It would be a shame to see all of the time and work that you spent detailing a car go to waste just like that. It might look and feel like the ceramic coating is dry, but it hasn’t fully cured yet.

Consider your schedule and whether you can wait eagerly or need instant gratification. It is used on a car’s trim to protect against fading and discoloration. If you would rather leave this to the professionals, we can help. Our team of expert technicians can strip away that old coating quickly and efficiently. Your budget will also help you determine if it’s better to hire a professional or attempt the removal process yourself. If you can afford to leave it to the professionals, we recommend doing so. Most importantly, inspect the coating regularly for any cracks, chips, or other damage.

STEP 5: Let the Ceramic Coating Cure

This should be done with a light touch, but enough force to remove any ‘rainbow’ of color. Take your sponge and wipe the surface of your 4′ x 4′ prepped area on your paint in a grid-like pattern.

Naples Auto Armour is Southwest Florida’s #1 choice when it comes to vehicle protection. We work on all kinds of automobiles including sports cars, trucks, exotic cars, classic cars, vintage cars, SUVs, and much more. Regardless of what make and model you drive, we have the knowledge, expertise, and professional products to clean, renew, and protect your vehicle. We recommend against using any waxes, sealants, or glazes after your installation. Read more about Keramikversiegelung mit Garantie here. The only sealant that can be used on your coated vehicle is either CarPro Echo2, Reload or Elixir. Any other topper may void your warranty and congest/clog your finish.

If you want to maintain and keep your car properly, check out our price and  contact us now! You can do a significantly larger section within five minutes before returning and wiping it off. As you drive your ceramic-coated VehicleVehicle, dust on the ceramic coating while curing makes it harder to drive.

Older, more worn vehicles on the other hand will generally have more paint damage and will require more correction. The general rule of thumb is that a shop will need 1 working day for each level of paint correction. So a single stage will normally take 1 day where a 3 stage correction may take 3 business days or longer. The way you use a clay bar is by flattening it and spraying the area you will be working on.

Free Download: How to Prepare a Tesla for Ceramic Coatings

However, ceramic coating is designed to protect against scratches and scuffs and therefore resists being removed by a simple clay bar. Using a clay bar on a ceramic-coated surface can irritate the coating, leaving tiny scratches that will be visible over time. Ceramic coating is a popular way to protect cars in Naples, FL. It protects cars for a long time and helps them keep their good looks. They contain hydrophobic compounds, which help repel water and other liquids, making it easier to wash the dirt off your car without scrubbing or using a lot of pressure. With your IPA solution and a clean microfiber towel, spray sections of your paint roughly 4′ by 4′.

Choosing which professional applies your coating is more important than choosing the coating itself. The truth is, a ceramic coating is only as good as the person applying it. You can shell out the money for the best coating on the market, but if Jebidiah’s Small Engine Repair is applying it, you might not end up with the best results. It might take up to 5 years for scratches to become noticeable on a really well cared for car.

Depending on the condition of the paintwork you may get away with using a 1 step machine polish to prep the car for coating. In this application, I used some Angelwax Medium Clay bar to remove any embedded contaminants from the paintwork. A pre-wash foam is the best way to loosen dirt and debris from a panel.

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