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You can make your own online wedding invitation at a super low cost and send personalized, individual invitations with an email platform like GMass. Send a well-designed email invitation, collect responses, and send automated follow-ups to people who don’t respond. Most (if not all) digital invitation services offer wedding invitations. You’ll upload your list of guests, use the site’s design wizard to set up your invitation, then send through the platform. Zola, Vistaprint, The Knot, Minted, Zazzle, and Etsy all offer affordable, digital printing options. They offer hundreds of customizable invitations designed by professionals. You can play around with the different add-ons to see how much the extras—like more luxurious paper and envelope liners—add to the price.

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Read on for advice on how to choose wedding invitations. You and your partner should send invitations 2-3 months before your event. Venues need a final count two weeks before your wedding date. As you build your timeline, you need to factor in that many people will forget to RSVP, and you will need to track them down. Your RSVP deadline should be one month before your wedding date.

A Stress – Free Wedding Invitation Timeline: Tips from a Professional Designer

The outer envelope is meant for mailing and should list the household name and address on the front. The inner envelope is used to hold the invitation suite and list the name of each guest in order to eliminate any confusion as to who’s actually invited. The inner envelope is not gummed since it will not be sent through the mail. It also acts as an additional layer of protection during mailing and allows your guests to have a clean, unmarked envelope for holding their invitation suite. Anyone familiar with addressing an envelope is probably wondering how we have a full article on how to address wedding invitations.

In a heterosexual couple, if the woman is the doctor, her name should be listed with the title “Dr.” before her husband’s full name. For an unmarried couple that lives together, the full names of each guest should either be listed on one or two lines on the stationery, with the appropriate titles placed. It’s best to open the starting line with the person you are closer to. From invitation templates, to proper addressing, to wedding invitation wording, Zola’s here to help you each step of the way. For answers to more questions—like, how do we share our wedding website? Wedding invitations and all enclosure cards will be shipped to you flat in stacks and require assembly; belly bands and envelope liners also require assembly. If you order ribbons to add to your invitation suite, it will be shipped as a ribbon bundle and will need to be cut to your desired length.

This is the second most important piece to your wedding invitation suite. The response card is meant to be sent back to the couple getting married with the accepts or regrets information for each guest invited to the event. Every couple for whom I’ve provided full or partial wedding planning has asked me a question along the following lines; “When do I need to mail my wedding invitations out? ” Formal etiquette for wedding invitation timing dictates that invitations should be sent out six to eight weeks before your big day. Opting for the use of wax seals will most definitely require the use of additional postage. Make sure to check with your local post office to inquire about the size and any other fees before finally sending out your wedding invites. To do your finishing touches, wax seals and custom stickers are good options you could use to seal your envelopes.

Not at the mercy of the post office

Not only will your wrists begin to get sore, but your handwriting — even if it’s usually beautiful — will begin to suffer. Keep a running list handy to make sure you cross off the names that you’ve completed. Staying organized is key as this process will likely take some time.

There are countless options for addressing your invitations. You can hire a calligrapher (or even learn calligraphy to create timeless and elegant invitation envelopes yourself) or have your invitation envelopes printed either by a service or at home. Avoid printing address labels and sticking them to the envelope, which does not present the most pleasing aesthetic to your guests and can look corporate and uninspired. While invitations do not need to be addressed by hand, choosing a beautiful and legible font, if printing them, is your second-best bet. Long-standing tradition states that invitations should be addressed to couples using their titles, the first name of the male partner, and their last name (Mr. and Mrs. John Smith). Today’s acceptable etiquette is addressing the wedding envelopes using title, both first names and last names, or both last names. In order to get an accurate idea of pricing, you’ll want to take into account all the items you will need, from start to finish.

Families with Children under 18

You can play it safe and skip titles, which makes it less formal. Start with at least 10 extra wedding invite added to your guest list total from the spreadsheet. Read more about Wedding Invitation Design here. Let’s say your guest list is at 200 and you’re spreadsheet indicates you need to order 100. Add in an extra safe cushion of 20% to cover all emergencies and order 120 wedding invites.

The paperweight is usually 80-lb cover stock, which is much thicker than the standard 20-lb weight multipurpose paper. Traditionally, invitations were sent to every guest over the age of 18. I personally think that’s ridiculous, so simply stating “and family” or with the children’s names is fine. However, if there are two families within the same household they should each receive their own invitation. This recommendation holds true unless the man’s title outranks the woman’s substantially.

Including your wedding website link on your wedding invitations is the easiest and most efficient way to share it with your guests, for a few reasons. Your wedding website can also be used for online RSVPs. By sharing the link to your wedding website on your invitations, your guests can RSVP in a matter of minutes. This means you can easily track responses and manage your guest list online in one convenient place. Think of your wedding invitation as a guest’s first impression of your wedding. It sets the tone for your big day, giving practical information and clues about what to expect when they attend. When browsing invitations, consider your color scheme and the formality of your wedding while making your choice.

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