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Tackle window cleaning on an overcast day, as direct sun can dry cleaning solutions too quickly, causing streaks. Always read the label of disinfecting products to make sure the products can be used on the type of surface you are disinfecting (such as a hard or soft surface). Daily sanitizing may not be necessary if surfaces and objects are cleaned carefully after use. To sanitize a surface or object, use a weaker bleach solution or an EPA-registered sanitizing spray. Cleaning before an open house might initially seem like a big project. The key to success is getting into a daily cleaning routine so you won’t be scrambling when you get that last-minute call for a showing. Learn more about how to get your house ready to sell and home repairs to make before selling.

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If you have carpet, now is a good time to rent a professional-grade cleaner. And if you have pets and/or kids, think about investing in your own. Even the tidiest of homes can house unwanted germs, sometimes in the places you’d least expect. This is actually an incredible opportunity to have professional floor cleaning done, as there won’t be the added hassle of moving furniture in and out of the house. You can do your best to clean the floors, but it just won’t compare to a professional floor cleaner’s results. Carpets especially will hide so much dirt, dust, bacteria, and allergens that it is best to have a super deep floor cleaning done by a professional.

How to clean your home quickly, according to a professional cleaner

The best thing I ever did for my kitchen, and my sanity, was to paint all my lower cabinets in Gloss Black by Behr. Dark paint does an excellent job of hiding smears from wet noses and mud from wagging tails—and an indoor-outdoor option like Behr’s is especially easy to wipe down. You can take the paint to cabinets and walls in other areas of the house, too. Keeping the house clean with pets just got a whole lot simpler. White vinegar makes quick work of cleaning bathroom surfaces. Try our top uses for distilled white vinegar cleaning, including tile surfaces. Clean homes don’t just happen — they take ongoing care and effort.

A lot of folks do not know how to accomplish a thorough move in cleaning, so in this blog, we will explore some techniques for making sure that your new home is invitingly clean. Kitchen counters, islands, and bathroom vanities get cluttered pretty quickly – especially if you have many people living in the house. Before your professional cleaner arrives, please do your very best to put away stray items that are on any surface you would like cleaned. House cleaners are not usually instructed to organize your personal items.

Let it sit overnight, and then scrub the surface thoroughly. No one knows how to speed up a cleaning routine—while still tackling all the dirt, dust, and crumbs—better than professional house cleaners.

Clean By Room

“Once a year, I drop off my vacuum at the local repair store before we go on vacation,” Brown says. For most households, says Brown, an every-other-week cleaning schedule is enough. “After all, you’re still going to wipe down counters after dinner every night, right?” she asks. Her team at Harmony Clean divides less-frequent tasks between the first and second clean of the month. They clean first-floor baseboards and ceilings in one visit and tackle the second floor in the next. Likewise with seldom-used guest bedrooms or formal living rooms. Start from top to bottom and dust everything in your bathroom, or use a handheld vacuum and brush attachment to remove all debris and hair from the surfaces.

How long does it take to clean a house professionally? – Experts’ answers here!

According to Ron Shimek, president of Mr. Appliance, “The dishwasher is one of the biggest culprits for potential mold growth,” he says. “Its warm and damp environment is heaven for mold spores — especially if there’s food particles left behind from your last cycle.” Having a schedule and cleaning cadence can give your home the focus it deserves, while also keeping your mind in check. There’s no sense in cleaning the same space over and over again if you’re neglecting other parts of your home. Regardless of which cleaning method you choose, the key is to maintain a clean and organized living space that contributes to your overall well-being. Read more about deep clean here. This room-by-room cleaning guide will help you get it done fast.

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