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But it’s not always easy to get employees excited about product knowledge training. Busy schedules and a preference for training that’s more directly related to their career goals can get in the way. Tracking the right training KPIs can be a game-changer when it comes to both identifying and increasing training effectiveness. But collecting and analyzing data manually is full-time work on its own, especially if you’re training large teams. Use the data that shows you whether people prefer to learn from their phones or desktop. For instance, if a vast majority of the learners log in only from their phones, you should invest in more microlearning content and videos as it would be difficult to read large chunks of text on mobile.

If your company can partner with influencers on social media to increase awareness amongst a large fan base, the CPM can be very effective compared to traditional media buying. Just make sure that any influencer you invest in actually motivates their followers and fans to act. One disadvantage of this strategy is that you risk receiving a large number of registrants that may not result in quality sales opportunities. Your potential clients likely have continuing education requirements or newly placed industry standards for which they need certification. A decision maker in HR or some other management role may not be up to speed on the new requirements. To continue, upgrade to a supported browser or, for the finest experience, download the mobile app. “We have a strong education system that is able to develop the local talent. (And) we can attract some of the best talents in the region.”

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Because employees must develop and grow to stay relevant, they are often attracted to companies with robust opportunities for learning and development. Moreover, such options boost employee retention, while a lack of such opportunities lowers retention. Establishing your trainers as thought leaders are critical to your success in promoting training courses. Historical optimization is a great way to get long term value out of content you published long ago. I hope the techniques and strategies in this article provide the requisite cues on how to audit your training and development initiatives effectively. Build in reasons for employees to click, drag, or otherwise respond to content on the screen.

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You might base it around a customer service scenario they need to walk through. Or, it may involve using the product to achieve a goal (for example, setting up an account in a simulation of your software product). In short, you need to find the right training KPIs to track through your LMS. Organizing training content and material can be stressful and messy if L&D managers don’t know the basic techniques. The Better Business Bureau has determined that CMOE meets accreditation standards.

Then, do a press release about your research (and promoting training courses) and share it with the trade publication media in your industry for increased visibility. When promoting training courses, letting potential students “try before they buy” can be an irresistible way to draw them in. In addition, digital media allows for easy-to-implement message testing (A/B) that can be modified on the fly. Whether you want to go toe-to-toe with an industry leader or you want to solidify your brand’s dominance, consider creating content about your competition. This is a high-value SEO and content marketing strategy for your brand if it classifies itself as a “challenger” in your industry. When they are optimized through SEO or supported through digital advertising, they can also be a high ROI item to drive sales leads into your pipeline.

Podcast Interviews To Promote Training Courses

These are some of the questions that you need to answer with a follow-up strategy after training. In this article, we’ll explore some of the benefits and best practices of following up with your learners and stakeholders. Another vital tool for monitoring and measuring the success of your talent development plan is checking in regularly with your employees. Conduct regular interviews to see how they are getting on with the program.

Personal Development Plans

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Final Thoughts On Promoting Training Courses Online

And for those employed by tech companies, basic AI proficiency is increasingly expected as a core technical competency due to the pervasiveness of AI in business operations, said Mr Goh. Relevant roles could vary from training large language models to evaluating and making judgments based on AI recommendations, said Dr Phan. AI Singapore said its graduates have between five to 15 years of experience, with diverse backgrounds in engineering, banking and finance, teaching, law and human resources. “As with other areas of (information and communications technology), a single, uniquely integrative individual can catalyse the development of an entire sector of technology that we do not have today.” This goal is achievable, according to industry observers, who see the figure as a starting point and as a critical mass needed for innovation.

Plus, the cost of entry is significantly less than traditional media in which one is often forced to purchase the entire market (DMA). One thing to remember about creating checklists and worksheets is that they can become outdated over time. This is especially true in industries where standards or regulations evolve over time. Training companies in education, government, healthcare, IT and legal will want to be mindful of this. The act of creating content serves as an educational opportunity for these people. To help them get the information they need to keep their people at the top of their craft. Employing content marketing—such as best practice guides or in-depth tutorials—allows you to showcase your organization as a thought leader.

However, it has to account for the different roles employees and managers play in the organization and how to develop each role best. In the digital age, a company’s workforce may be virtual or dispersed across many different locations. Therefore, having a sense of community-based shared values increases employee cohesion. Amanda Athuraliya is the communication specialist/content writer at Cinergix, the team behind the development of Creately.

A learning and development strategy needs to be an organizational priority. Training should be formalized, which means senior management needs to buy in and promote participation. Winning learning and development strategies are equally nimble and agile. An organization’s learning and development strategy framework must be evaluated and revised from time to time to stay relevant.

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