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There are factors to consider that can help you develop the best price guide for your business and clients. You will find answers to all your questions in the following house cleaning pricing guide. With a cleaning service, you can incrementally take on more work and new customers as you get accustomed to the job. Once you’ve established a target market, you can start to flesh out the details of your business plan and make arrangements for transportation and supplies. You’ll want to get the word out about your service as soon as you’re far along enough to begin taking on clients.

Office, janitorial and commercial cleaning is more frequently charged by the square foot—usually 7 to 15 cents per square foot for a 12,000-square-foot office building or smaller. Commercial cleaning services often take into consideration the industry involved when they calculate the price per square foot. Supplies like cleaning products are a typical expense in house cleaning jobs. Deep cleaning can take much longer than your average house cleaning job. There can be years of damage that require specialized products (or, at the very least, extra cleaning time and effort) to dispel.

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It might take a new cleaning business a few rounds to get comfortable with the estimating process. That said, it’s important to learn how to do it properly to earn a decent living wage. You want to make a profit on this job, beyond just covering your costs, so you need to add a markup. If you’re just starting out, add 33% to your cost to account for your profit margins. WorkWave helps mobile workforce companies in the field service, transportation and logistics industries mitigate the key pain points they face every day. This allows them to save money, save time and improve customer service, all at the same time. Here is an example to give you a better idea of how to calculate your house cleaning rate.

Using your marketing plan to show you offer what customers want from a house cleaning company

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How to start a cleaning business in 7 steps

Of course, this also depends on the size and condition of the house, and the number of rooms. When an individual house cleaner is just starting out and building up a list of clients, you’ll probably pay less because they are learning to clean on the job. When a cleaner comes highly recommended by dozens of references and with tons of cleaning experience, it will cost you more to take advantage of their expertise. Now that you have a better idea of what customers want from a cleaning company, you need to show them you have what they are looking for. It’s one thing to have a trustworthy company, great employees, and provide quality service, but if no one knows about it, it doesn’t matter. How customers and potential customers interact with employees can help you attract house cleaning clients or repel them. The first thing people want from a cleaning company’s staff is trustworthiness.

What is a good rate for a house cleaner?

It’s no secret that maintaining a clean home is among the top priorities for many people. However, it can be challenging to manage this task due to many reasons such as work, family commitments, and many more. Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This influences which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. Cassie is a deputy editor, collaborating with teams around the world while living in the beautiful hills of Kentucky. She is passionate about economic development and is on the board of two non-profit organizations seeking to revitalize her former railroad town.

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