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We believe the most successful wealth strategies are achieved through the collaboration of a team of individuals. Learn how our integrated, coordinated approach can simplify your wealth. Whaley and Warren have never let the financial obstacles they faced stop them from pursuing their goals. Understanding the nature of those obstacles was the first step in finding ways to overcome them. Check the background of your financial professional on FINRA’s BrokerCheck. And affiliated banks, Members FDIC and wholly owned subsidiaries of Bank of America Corporation. Best of all, because it is a custodial account, you can both monitor activity and have an opening to discuss market gains and losses.

Read more about how to save money on essentials1managing debt as a woman here.

Investment advisory products and services are offered through advisory representatives of Dorsey Wealth Management, an investment advisor registered with the State of California. Financial planners can receive compensation in a number of ways. Others, called fee-only planners, may charge a flat fee or hourly fee to develop a financial plan. Still others receive a commission for the products they sell, or a percentage of the value of assets they manage for you.

By retirement age, a woman taking the average time out of the workforce will accumulate $1.05 million less than a typical man, Age Wave reports. Being out of the job market means women don’t have access to the benefits that help build investing opportunities, such as 401(k) and 529 plans, health savings accounts, and other savings opportunities. This material is not intended as a recommendation, offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any security or investment strategy. Additional information is available in our Client Relationship Summary. A financial advisor is a broad term that covers many types of professionals. They may help you manage your investments by facilitating the buying and selling of securities. These individuals include bankers, accountants, stockbrokers, insurance agents, and estate planners.

You generally will have many options in the lifestyle expense bucket. Ballast Advisors, LLC is a registered investment advisor under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, as amended. More information about the firm, including its services, strategies, and fees can be found in our ADV Part 2, which is available without charge upon request.

Understanding their unique challenges when it comes to planning for retirement can help women take control of their financial health, now and in the future. There are many components to financial literacy, but its foundation lies in your ability to manage your money in a way that is most beneficial to you. This includes money coming in from working and money going out for bills or investments — you income and expenses. Debts can eat away at your savings, which stops you from living your best life. Meanwhile, things happen that can shrink your savings account and threaten your financial future. Each time you have an expected expense or borrow money from the bank, you put yourself further from the goal.

You agree that you are providing to us your consent for us to contact you regardless of any Do Not Call or Do Not Email privacy choices you may have previously expressed until you revoke this consent, or up to 90 days. You may revoke your consent at any time by notifying the Merrill representative. With companies like Fidelity, your daughter can actively participate in the market by investing money into stocks, ETFs and mutual funds with no commissions, no account fees and no required minimum investments. As your baby prepares to leave the nest, what better way to teach fiscal management (and take a load off your shoulders) than by making her responsible for the family’s meals for a week? The next time you’re beginning a meal plan, give her a certain amount she can spend (e.g. $100) and have her find recipes, prepare a grocery list, buy the ingredients and prepare dinner for the family. Help her write out a budget that weighs her income versus expenses. If she starts to spend more than she makes, it might be time to cut back on how many times she goes out every week.

Case studies do not necessarily represent the experiences of other clients, nor do they indicate future performance. The investment strategies discussed are not appropriate for every investor and should be considered given a person’s investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs. Securities and Advisory services offered through LPL Financial. Whether they’re juggling career and family responsibilities, making a difference in the communities where they live and work—or all of the above—women tend to aim high and deliver. But in doing so, women, as a group, often put the goals and objectives of others before their own needs. Fidelity Investments released the Women Tapping Into Their Financial Superpowers report which states that one in four women now have a financial plan. As more women continue to seek financial independence it reflects a broader social shift towards gender equality and empowerment.

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