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Organic content alone will not offer you the visibility you are looking for. Make sure you reach your target audience through your Instagram ads. Besides the fact that you use your Instagram content to increase reach, you also want your audience to take action after introducing your products and services.

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Compared to text content, promo videos offer a more engaging and effective way to convey information. Use this step-by-step guide to map out all the steps of how to make a good promo video. Learn how to make YouTube shorts, with tips and examples from pro creators, in this guide. While Instagram was initially very photo-focused, the Facebook-owned app has really stepped up its video-sharing capabilities in recent years.

Written Content

It’s relatable, personal-feeling content that brands are after, not a creator’s reach or huge follower count. Read more about UGC portfolio here. You can also sell exclusive digital content directly to consumers. In most cases, creators have to start by making content for free in order to build an audience. Once you’ve developed a fan base, you can put some of your blog posts, podcast episodes, and videos behind a paywall. The first step in becoming a content creator is defining your personal brand. If your goal is to be an independent publisher, create your own brand guidelines, including visual and written style guides, your core values, and your mission statement. Content creators use social media platforms to connect with audiences, distribute certain types of content, and drive traffic to other content distribution channels.

There are different, valuable skills for each type of digital creator, and learning them will help you put your best stuff forward. When we see people launch thriving online communities, they often have leadership skills to bring people together, plus the skill to create and share a vision that others catch. They have the skills to make members feel like they belong, plus the organizational skills to chart a course for the community to move forward. But instead of just releasing the songs on TikTok, he created a fun hook format that always featured him asking his mom to play songs (with clips of her making music). By combining instrumentation, vocals, music production, and fun videos, JVKE went viral and is now producing Billboard hits like Golden Hour.

Start building your content strategy

For example, a freelance content creator might author an influencer’s Instagram captions, or a staff writer at a brand might author SEO-optimized blog posts. As you’ve seen, there’s a lot of prep work in your content marketing strategy before you actually create a piece of content. We’re going to use a blog post as our example, but these tips will work for almost any type of content creation. Building your social media audience and personal brand can help you earn paid brand partnerships. Once your social media accounts reach a certain size, you can charge for sponsored social media posts.

Consider using your personal social media accounts or social media advertising to promote exclusive content to potential customers. Typically, brands write content and pay for the privilege of publishing on your blog or in your newsletter under a company byline. Don’t just offer fresh insight on today’s malware; offer analogies and personal stories of data breaches that justify your insights and that only you can offer.

Create subscription content

For example, #BookTok videos just don’t look right without piles of books in the shot. Gather a few props that’ll help you look like you’re living the ideal lifestyle of your niche. A ring light is a good start, but it’s not always the best solution for great lighting. Research how filmmakers light up their sets, and figure out what lighting equipment you’ll need for UGC content creation.

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