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“After all, you’re still going to wipe down counters after dinner every night, right?” she asks. Her team at Harmony Clean divides less-frequent tasks between the first and second clean of the month.

This is a straightforward approach that calculates the cleaning rate based on the square footage that needs to be cleaned. The possibilities are endless when it comes to growth and expansion. Before you can be a successful entrepreneur in the service field, you need to know how to charge for house cleaning. Once you’ve established a target market, you can start to flesh out the details of your business plan and make arrangements for transportation and supplies. You’ll want to get the word out about your service as soon as you’re far along enough to begin taking on clients.

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Now you’ll have a good idea of average cleaning costs in your area, which can help anchor you to competitive prices. It is a great idea to spend about five or six hours cleaning to get the job done. Read more about cleaners here. Other factors that can affect the cleaning time are how dirty the house is, how big it is, and how much stuff is inside.

Remove Dust from Surfaces

Below are some options of house cleaning services you may plan to offer. Tidying up quickly before your house cleaners arrive can avoid you having to pay additional fees. In any case, if there is an area that is particularly messy or that has not been cleaned in a while, you might want to consult your cleaning service first.

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You might even offer a discount to first-time customers or encourage customers to refer a friend and print it on the back of your business cards so it stays top of mind. That said, unlike the other two business structures, there is less freedom and independence with a franchise as you will have to adhere to its strict policies and guidelines. Even small changes you may want to make to the cleaning products you use or uniforms you wear will have to be approved beforehand.

You’ll have the satisfaction of transforming dirty spaces into sparkling clean sanctuaries. You don’t need a hefty investment to kickstart your house cleaning venture. Start small, work hard, and gradually expand as your reputation grows. With exceptional cleaning skills and top-notch customer service, your client base will skyrocket. It’s a question that every cleaning business owner struggles with until they figure out a system that works best for them. You want to pay a wage that will motivate your cleaning staff, prevent turnover, and still make money from your business.

Increasingly, online forums and service platforms connect individuals with local cleaning businesses, but word-of-mouth still plays a big part in the domestic services industry. Consider asking clients who are particularly pleased with your cleaning services to share your Facebook page, or give them your business card to pass on to interested friends. Business registration and proper tax documentation are particularly important for cleaning services with corporate clients. Groupon conducted a survey of its cleaning service providers to determine how long it takes a 2-person team to clean residences of different sizes. It found that a 1,000-square-foot, 1-bedroom townhouse would take about 2 hours for a basic house cleaning and 2.5 hours for a deep cleaning.

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