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To measure unity, the five landscape design principles must have been correctly applied throughout the landscape. Colors, shapes, sizes, textures, and other elements create a unified space. Lighting, special features, bed shapes, and hardscapes must all work together to create a pleasing appearance and a unified landscape. Adhering to these design principles will make creating a visually appealing landscape in any space seamless. Your landscape and pool clients want to see what their yards could look like, and  Structure Studios’s 3D swimming pool and landscape design software allows you to do that and more. You’ll be able to create stunning designs, allowing you to charge more for your work. You can even  share your designs with videos, setting you apart from your competitors.

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What is the cheapest way to landscape a front yard?

Similar to how taxi drivers charge passengers, Shilan uses an acreage rate to come up with his fee. Designers charge anywhere from $50 to $150 an hour, with the majority in the $50 to $75 range, Shilan says. Designers using software can make those revisions more easily, so they could include those in the design contract.

Design with Intention

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Step 4 gets to be really fun and we call it functional diagrams. It’s where to get to start dreaming about what you might want to do but there’s really no pressure there’s really a fast way to do it. So I’m going to show you yet another part of my garden because again, for a spot like this right here I don’t really need to do too much bubble diagramming because it’s just a little area. I looked at the wind, I saw the wind was coming from up here – that’s important because you don’t want to put fragile things in a wind break and things like that. And then that’s going to become important when I’m choosing plants because then I know exactly how big a plant or approximately how big a plant is going to get – I can design appropriately. So what you want to do when you do this is use graph paper. And because this is such a small garden and I could make it so that one square is one sq.

A lot of thought and planning goes into planting design, so asking questions and understanding the strategy behind the design will help you fully interpret it. The downside is that it can be hard for some people to visualize how the overhead view will translate in real life.

Take time to research landscaping companies online and look for reviews from previous clients who had positive experiences. Ask family, friends and colleagues for their recommendations and advice, but always do your own research as well. The third step in the design process addresses the functionality of the space and what it will require to make the area amenable to every purpose or use that the design needs to fulfill. Each Tilly design package has a set of core deliverables as well as optional add-ons at the time of purchase or throughout the design process. The above diagram depicts the landscape design of a garden.

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