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Read more about Granite countertop here. It may be tempting to try to save money with DIY work, but cutting corners on such a pivotal area of your home isn’t something most professionals recommend. There’s no shortage of dreamy inspiration photos featuring freshly remodeled kitchens, both online and in magazines. Getting everything to work out like you planned can be incredibly challenging without the right team of professionals to back you up. DO realize that a kitchen remodel spills out into many other areas of the house.

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When you’re tackling a major kitchen remodel project, you’ll need to start by clearly defining your plans and goals. With hundreds of decisions to make, it can be overwhelming to stay focused without an overall objective to help center your project and keep things moving forward. DON’T expect your site manager to proceed on schedule and budget with just a long list of “TBDs” to work with.

How Long Does it Take to Remodel an Entire Kitchen?

For instance, you can buy new appliance pulls and handles or even paint them with special appliance paint. You can also refinish your cabinets to match your new appliances. In addition, you can also DIY the installation of any new appliances you purchase.

Step 5: Paint Your New Walls

Pull-outs, drawer organizers, and drawers all cost more than a simple base cabinet with two doors and a top drawer. Remodeling Magazine has a great online resource for getting a general idea of how much your remodel will cost. Their Cost vs. Value report can be customized according to where you live. It’s important to read the definition of “minor”, “major”, “mid-range,” and “up-scale” very carefully when referencing the report. During this phase, your home will become an active job site with a variety of loud noises, tradespeople, and materials dominating the space. Many homeowners try and schedule a family vacation during this phase to help lessen the daily impact on their routines; some even move out entirely to cut down on the disruption to their daily lives. An over-the-stove pot filler, a hot water tap, a second sink, or a second dishwasher—just a few more potential pick-me-ups.

How To Renovate A Kitchen

Next week on Today’s Homeowner we’re renovating the bath, big, small, and in between. We’re looking at bathroom projects of all sizes and shapes with budgets from modest to over the top. A lot of people are committed to thinking green but I think the man who really put it on the map was Dr. Seuss. A kitchen is a room full of tasks like chopping up the salads, rolling out the dough so it only makes sense to provide adequate lighting for all of these tasks. Now task lighting can be achieved in a number of different ways.

You may want to keep snacks and easy-to-cook meals in the pile you created in step 1. Besides clearing out the kitchen, move items that might block contractors when they enter your home. Dust is a part of the construction process, so take measures to protect items from dust. Cover furniture with protective plastic or move items to the garage or storage. Solid synthetic countertops offer a huge range of colors and can be molded to integrate the backsplash, sink, and other items. Solid synthetics are heat resistant but less so than stone, and they can be scratched and nicked by knives, so cutting boards are a good idea. For countertops, you’ll be looking at quite a large selection of both natural and manufactured materials.

Proceed with caution, warns Kevin Busch, Vice President of Operations for Mr. Handyman. “Anything that involves a skilled trade…you have to be super careful with,” he says. After you complete the demo, you can prep for the rest of the project by starting on any framing or foundation work that needs to be done, says Barton. You are leaving Discover.com and entering a website operated by a third party. We are providing the link to this website for your convenience, or because we have a relationship with the third party.

A basic subway tile splash might run you $8.00 – $9.00 per square foot while a marble mosaic can cost $50.00 a square foot or more. My advice is to purchase your faucet from a local plumbing supplier (like Ferguson). Often, the parts in faucets that you can purchase at big box stores are cheap plastic even though the brand name is the same. You can add $500 to your budget for a lower end, quality faucet, and $900 and up for a higher end, high-quality faucet. I like to budget $1,200 to start for faucets knowing the price might go up or down depending on the client’s preferences. The edge detail that you choose for your countertop will affect the price as well.

Leaving appliances to chance and working instead with assumptions can mean a costly retrofit down the road. This is becoming increasingly important while we experience significant material delays at the time of this article. No doubt, remodeling your kitchen will increase the value of your house, but the amount of value added is debatable. However, because the kitchen is the focal point of your home, it’s the location you get the most bang for your buck. While a kitchen renovation can boost the value of your property, do not expect to recoup all of your investment. When planning a kitchen remodel, you need to have a clear idea of how much room you want. Your kitchen floor can do a lot to determine your kitchen style, but it needs to be practical too.

Now that’s how it worked for Carol Dupree because she was happy with the basic layout of her kitchen but she wanted to update the look of it. You know the details are so important when you’re putting together a kitchen renovation like this and the hardware can really make a difference. Now Joe has a solution to a very common cabinet hardware problem. If you’re like most of us, the cleaning supplies you need for your entire house are stored under the kitchen sink. Take any fragile items or glassware to a safe storage location.

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