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For example, treatment for a small cherry angioma on the abdomen has no downtime. The lesion disappears immediately and leaves no open wound, so patients can return to work, exercise and outdoor activities right away. Patients may have some swelling, redness or peeling after facial treatments. Brown spots on the hands may darken at first, form a tiny scab and then peel off. As soon as we finish your session, you should be able to go home on the same day and resume your daily activities. We’ll advise you to keep your skin protected and to avoid direct sun exposure. This type of laser has become increasingly popular over the past several years because it can offer amazing results without the need for long healing times.

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Cut only flakes that are long enough to trim, and be very careful not to tug at or nick your skin in the process. Use clean hands and scissors that have been sterilized in alcohol or antiseptic solution. For at least 3 days following your treatment, avoid strenuous exercise, swimming or sweating. This can lead to breakouts or infection and may negatively affect your final results. It’s of utmost importance NOT to pick at flaking or peeling skin, but to allow this process to happen on its own timeline. Makeup can cover any persistent redness, but only if your skin is no longer peeling. If makeup is new territory for you, the staff at Quintessa are happy to help you find a product that provides enough coverage and will even show you how to apply it.

Dr. Rankin and the staff of NorCal Plastic Surgery always strive to provide our patients with compassionate care throughout their treatment journey, as well as the aesthetic results they desire. Certain types of serums and facial care products can cause irritation, so you should avoid serums such as vitamin C or retinol. Also, watch out for anything with scented ingredients, such as cleansers or lotions. Also, stay away from chemical exfoliants, such as peels with glycolic acid or fruit enzymes. Even gentle products are too much on skin that has been recently treated with lasers. The downside is that red light therapy won’t be able to tighten sagging skin, and it won’t be able to resurface and smooth skin.7 So depending on your circumstances, you may or may not have noticeable results. Teeth whitening treatments—both in-office and at-home—can reduce or remove teeth stains, and improve their whiteness.

The frequency of fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing depends on the individual’s skin and desired results. Some people may see results after just one treatment, while others may need multiple treatments to achieve their desired results. Typically, most people will see optimal results after 2 to 3 treatments. Fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing is among the most powerful tools for skin rejuvenation. At the Langdon Center, we offer several types of laser skin resurfacing so we can target your specific concerns.

How to Prepare for Laser Skin Resurfacing

If you’re interested in other treatments aside from lasers, we can do that, too! Get pampered by our medical providers or smooth out your skin with Botox or dermal fillers. No matter what your skin wishes are, we can help you make them a reality. The Fraxel® DUAL Laser offers two treatment modes, each working at different wavelengths. The 1550nm is the best option if you’re targeting deep lines and scarring, and are looking to get rid of any acne scars.

Caring for Your Skin After a Laser Treatment Isn’t Difficult

The practice’s board-certified surgeons are patient-focused and results-driven. They collaborate closely with each patient to ensure natural looking results. Continuing to moisturize after full recovery is a prudent step to keep treated skin healthy and hydrated. Moisturizer will help boost skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of finer lines. If you have more questions about laser skin resurfacing or wish to schedule an appointment with one of our experts, call Hampton Roads ENT today. While these treatments aren’t meant to completely remove scars or spots, they can significantly improve their appearance.

The Complete CO2 Laser Resurfacing Process

Hyaluronic acid helps your skin cells hold and regulate moisture, keeping your skin appearing hydrated and plump. The main goal behind each of these laser treatments is to exfoliate the top layer of skin so that new skin can form. We like to tell our patients the skin is similar to different grades of sandpaper following BBL laser treatment. After treatment, your skin may feel rough for the first few days, then slowly, the granule size of the textured skin will shrink.

What to Expect

Fast-forward 10 plus years or so, and after more preventative skin cancer procedures I’m left with fresh new scars. Thanks to them being new, they’re dark and raised and I just wanted them to go away. By combining Moxi’s ability to improve the skins surface and texture with BBL’s power to even out hyperpigmentation and discoloration, you create a powerhouse that offers unbeatable skin renewal results. By combining treatments, you optimize your skin’s overall health and radiance. After a treatment, the skin looks red (like a mild sunburn), but it usually fades by the next morning. Read more about IPL Laser here. Fractional lasers work by emitting energy in a fractional (not solid) manner. This laser is used to remove areas of skin, but because it’s fractional, it doesn’t remove all skin in the targeted area.

In selecting your post-treatment products, steer clear of “fragrance, potential irritants like benzoyl peroxide, [and] AHA/BHA,” says Henry, all of which can cause irritation. Shamban recommends that cleansers should be free of sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and other chemical detergents and to skip exfoliating cleansers and toners for the post-treatment period. Some products marketed as post-procedure safe sometimes have a “pp” (post-procedure) designation on the packaging. The following morning, it is important that you resume cleansing, even if it is just in the shower.

Our team can recommend some excellent acne treatment programs that are very successful and fast acting. You likely can go home after a short observation period unless you and your aesthetic plastic surgeon have made other plans for your immediate post-treatment recovery. Naturally, the length of time your appointment session will take depends on factors such as how many areas you are treating and the quality of the skin being treated. People who are treating multiple areas of the skin or larger areas will generally have longer treatment appointments. Similarly, if you are treating areas of the skin that are tougher, such as the stomach, your appointment may last longer than if you were only treating areas with thinner skin, such as the neck.

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