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This is why it is so important that you date and witness the new version. A Will and a Power of Attorney are two very different documents used for two different purposes.

It’s also recommended to select someone who is fair-minded and can stay relatively neutral in case any family feuds arise. You should also name a backup executor in case your first choice is unavailable. A will not only makes transferring your money and property easier and less costly, it also offers the comfort of knowing that your wishes for the people and things that matter most to you will be honored. Marriage, a growing family and even a new home can all impact your will, so it’s important to review your will periodically to ensure that your wishes are current. At we provide the ultimate Executor tool through our LifeLocker service to assist with this part of the process. You can either print out your LifeLocker, or you can maintain it all online. If you keep it online, you can name keyholders and grant them access to this information at the appropriate time.

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This process may involve selling off assets to raise cash for any liabilities owed. Your executor needs to obtain what is called a “grant of probate” upon your death. This court ruling confirms that the Will is valid and that the executor has legal authority to carry out your requests.

And if you aren’t sure how to do that, we suggest starting with a Will. It’s simple, effective and won’t take you more than 15 minutes to complete. To say Estate Planning is important is a huge understatement. We’d actually argue it’s one of the single most important things you’ll do in life.

Using a will-writing service

A Will can usually be contested by a spouse, defacto partner, child or parent – and in some circumstances, it can be contested by a grandchild or anyone else (like a carer) who feels they may have a rightful claim. Once probate has been granted, the executor can start the process of administration of your wishes. They start by paying any liabilities on your estate and collecting any debts you were owed.

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Read more about will template here.

What is an Executor?

You would also select one of these options if there were particular individuals or organizations that you would like to benefit from your estate, even though everything else would go to your dependents. For Expats this presents a unique challenge, especially if assets are held in more that one country.

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