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If you’ve a quantity of axles, you’ll have equalizer bars to evenly distribute the load between the axles. Just like the leaf spring hardware, these are exposed to the grime from the road and will corrode. The first line of defense for maintaining you safe as you haul your load are the tires you could have put in. Don’t let bald tires put you, your load, and others in danger.

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They provide a clean and sturdy track for the bearings to move on, lowering put on and increasing their lifespan. Let’s dive into the center of your trailer’s mobility — the wheel and bearing elements. Side Rollers – Side rollers present lateral assist for the boat’s hull. They ensure the boat stays centered on the trailer and stop it from shifting side-to-side during transportation.

Tandem Axle Trailer Parts Kit – 7,000 lb Capacity – Brakes on 1 Axle

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Boat Trailer Maintenance

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One important element of trailer maintenance is to occasionally inspect the grease fittings on the hubs. Hubs and lights are submerged in water twice each time you go boating, in any case. To verify the grease fittings, take away the rubber cap if there’s one, and attempt to rock the fitting backwards and forwards. If it moves, you in all probability want extra grease, which can be quickly and inexpensively added at any garage. It’s additionally good, when hauling your boat, to stop periodically and give the wheel hubs a quick pat—but be careful, they could be hot.

Want to Be a Trailer Parts Distributor / Wholesaler? Here’s What You Need to Know

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As you presumably can see on the load index chart below, the seventy five in the example above has been assigned a load carrying capability of 853 lbs per tire. Multiply the load carrying capacity by the variety of the tires on the trailer. As lengthy as that sum is larger than or equal to the assigned GVWR of the trailer, then the tire’s load index is sufficient for its software. Statistics indicate the typical life of a trailer tire is about five years underneath regular use and maintenance conditions. After three years, changing the trailer tires with new ones ought to be thought of, even when the tires have sufficient tread depth. Some consultants declare that after five years, trailer tires are considered worn out and ought to be replaced, even if they have had minimal or no use.

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