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This pretty playhouse fits in with the scheme beautifully, and is tucked away in a corner full of greenery – adding to the sense of magic for little ones (and the sense of peace for adults!). They’re a place to relax and entertain loved ones – just like you would in your living room but out in the fresh air. Keep the range of materials and color palette pared-down for a serene and sophisticated vibe.

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Shop yard and estate sales for bargains on real metal tools, or visit your local garden center. Get tools that are the right size for you to reduce the risk of injury. See “Raised Garden Beds” for more information on different types of raised beds and how to work with them. For more ideas on gardening in limited space, see “Small Garden, Big Yield – 10 Tips for a Great Harvest”.

As the experts at Bowles & Wyer say, it’s good to design a space with a vista in mind. If you’re a fan of traditional styles, then rustic and wooden garden gate ideas can be a stunning solution to divide different ‘rooms’ of your plot. The ‘Nana’ variety of Indian bean trees (Catalpa bignonioides nana) is a more compact version than its larger counterparts, and looks stunning arranged in a paved space. Surrounded by neatly-clipped evergreens, the scene has a sculptural vibe – a great way to liven up a quiet corner.

Read more about Garden tools here.

If you’ve got the space, then recreating a waterfall display such as this is a breathtaking way to elevate a garden. Designed by award-winning expert Kazuyuki Ishihara, it uses plenty of moss and irises for an organic effect with a nod towards Japanese-style gardens. So, if you’re lucky enough to be surrounded by vistas that inspire, then make the most of them. These sun loungers looking out onto a wild meadow will offer instant feelings of zen.

Meadows and Eco Lawns

You can fill every room of your home with greenery by choosing these versatile, easy-care houseplants. Discover some of the best easy-to-grow plants to grow in your first garden. Learn how to properly buy, plant, grow and care for spring- and summer-blooming bulbs. How to use annual plants and flowers to add seasonal personality to your garden. Learn how to grow different types of plants and their uses in the garden. Understand the differences between them and what growing conditions they do best in. Beginning gardeners are often intimidated by the process of how to start a garden and care for it successfully—after all, there’s a lot involved.

From amending your soil with high-quality organic matter to pruning shrubs, you’ll find answers and advice for essentail gardening tasks. As a fierce defender of the lawn as a tremendously useful element in the landscape, some situations just require leaf removal. Decay-resistant oak and beech leaves, even quickly decaying leaves if dropped in sufficient quantity, can completely smother the lawn through the winter, leaving you with nothing but mud come spring. I do collect my leaves but don’t get very excited about trying to make the lawn look like brand-new pool table felt. Re-assess your garden and see if there’s any potential in a neglected corner in terms of using the space differently.

Several tribes hold some of the most senior rights to water in the western U.S. but lack the infrastructure to access much of their share. Beginning in 1914, La Rue hiked across much of the river and its tributaries, collecting first-hand data on the flow of water. That included taking measurements of the depth of the river and its flow speed. Reclamation Service suggesting that 16.4 million acre-feet of water ran through the river at Lees Ferry, Arizona, every year.

Plant flowers, too.

Clever sloping garden ideas are useful if your outdoor space features an awkward gradient, which are famously difficult to design around. Or perhaps you’re dealing with a garden on many levels – or want to create one. Try your hand at growing a few plants indoors and you’ll find that it isn’t too hard. Learn how to keep your houseplants happy with proper care and placement. Starting a flower garden doesn’t have to be daunting—whether you choose to grow from seed or young plants. Plan your own flower garden, get suggestions for easy-to-grow flowers, and soon you’ll have lovely flowers everywhere. When building a raised garden bed, filling it with topsoil is expensive.

Other planting that can keep a garden private includes options such as bamboo, or tall grasses. Climbers or ivy on a trellis or a pergola are also appealing as well as practical solutions to overlooking. At the boundaries of your yard, a hedge can offer dense coverage, so that those outside can’t see through into the garden if that’s an issue. Or consider pleached trees, where branches are trained on to a trellis or another framework to produce a wide sweep of foliage that prevents views into the garden. Alternatively, work with an ‘S’ or zigzag design for a similar result. ‘Make sure the design complements the property, too,’ says Sarah Wilson. ‘Wherever possible the style of garden should complement the period and architecture of the house.

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