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On the map, you can see the estimates of flu mortality proven as a price per 100,000 individuals among people over 65. Early treatment can reduce symptom severity and the danger of hospitalization. The CDC recommends that people who are not absolutely vaccinated put on fabric face masks in indoor public settings.

How to keep from spreading the flu

Cold signs will typically resolve in about 7 to 10 days and tend to not come on as fast as the flu. These problems may be as a result of influenza virus in itself or due to a secondary bacterial an infection.

New coronavirus vs. flu

Both the flu and COVID-19 cause a cough and shortness of breath, however general, COVID-19 symptoms tend to last more than the flu. “They can final for multiple weeks, if not months,” says Dr. Wong. Shortness of breath can even come later with COVID-19 and becomes extra severe and long-lasting than the flu. The four-page draft leaflets (180 x 297mm every page) present detailed info on influenza, vaccination and – within the case of risk groups – on preventive hygiene messages. The leaflets are intended for audiences, the place an involved particular person has time to learn by way of the fabric.

While you could be healthy, you could catch the flu and unwittingly cross it on to an immunocompromised person. Your greatest likelihood at preventing the flu is by getting a flu vaccine yearly, at any time throughout flu season. People with compromised immune methods are at the next risk of developing problems — and presumably dying — from the flu. A recent CDC survey found that only half of all pregnant ladies obtained their flu vaccines as recommended, leaving many in danger for severe disease from the flu. Cover coughs and sneezes and wash arms even after you come to work or college. Keep in thoughts that even if your signs don’t embody a fever, you continue to might have the flu and may be contagious.

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Will wearing masks reduce the spread of the flu as well as COVID-19?

That implies that you might find a way to pass on the flu to someone else earlier than you understand you are sick, as well as while you’re sick. Some persons could be infected with the flu virus but haven’t any symptoms. During this time, those persons should still unfold the virus to others. COVID-19 encompasses many, if not all of the signs that sometimes happen with the influenza virus including fever, fatigue, cough, shortness of breath and gastrointestinal problems. With COVID-19, many people additionally report a change or lack of taste or smell.

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