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This is why #1, deciding on how you’ll use your campervan, comes into play when it comes to choosing your Sprinter van build’s style. We see a lot of Tiny Home camper vans built out using mostly wood, which is easy to obtain and easy to work with, requiring fewer specialist tools than metal alternatives. Make sure you clearly and accurately mark out exactly where the larger features of your van conversion will go, so you can plan to build (or buy) and install them appropriately. Consider how much the Sprinter van costs, itself, before you spend any money on the van conversion. By the time you’ve read through this guide, you’ll have the knowledge and hopefully the confidence to start on your van conversion journey.

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However, if you don’t want to go the customized route, you can pick from one of their standard conversion options. For example, the Chalet build offers two beds for multiple campers, a sleek white and brown color scheme, and an extendable awning over the sliding door. Before you can hit the road and start experiencing van life, you need to convert the vehicle into a Sprinter camper van. The conversion process can take a while and cost quite a bit, depending on what kind of amenities you want. Let’s break down the various factors to consider before starting a conversion.

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One client traveled in this van from NYC to LA while shooting a commercial showcasing their new cell phone’s ultra long battery life. While this is the most basic Sprinter configuration we offer, it provides a great way for a large group to travel comfortably, and arrive in style.

High-Roof vs. Low Roof Sprinter Van

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Although Vanworks hasn’t been around quite as long as Sportsmobile, it has plenty of experience under its belt. Since 1978, the company has been converting Sprinters, Rams, and Fords to accommodate their clients. As with other conversion van companies, you can either buy one off the shelf or get a fully-customized version.

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Another option is to find a used campervan that has already been converted. The downside of buying used is, unless the van was converted by a professional conversion company with a lot of experience, there are really no guarantees on the quality of the conversion. Furthermore, if you have issues down the road, it might require more problem-solving. It will come with a limited warranty, everything will be new, and the van becomes your ultimate canvas for a custom van conversion. But you’ll also be paying quite a bit of money for a new vehicle, especially if you then hire someone to build it out for you. Buying a used van can cut down on initial costs and allow you to put more money into the conversion. Budget cargo vans – Ford Econolines, Chevy G Series, Chevy Express, and Chevy Astros are popular budget cargo vans.

Then, once you’ve made a final decision, you can pick from several build options. The world of camper vans has something for everyone, with older used options ranging from just a couple thousand dollars, to brand new 4×4 Sprinter conversions that clock in well over $200,000. Investing in a high-end, new Mercedes Sprinter van build with a custom conversion is a big financial step for most people. While ordering a Sprinter van conversion from a company can offer guaranteed results and peace of mind, sometimes it’s better to do it yourself.

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