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What was once relegated to the occultic fringes is now raging in the mainstream. We want answers to these questions, and we’re guessing our readers do too. So we’re bringing you a short series on Tarot that will teach you all about the ancient practice, the deck, and how to use the cards to usher in some magic to your life. This step is connected to step 2 because many readers go back and forth. As a general rule of thumb, you should shuffle and pull additional cards whenever you ask your cards a new question.

And even though the Celtic Cross spread is in nearly every Tarot book and is used by Tarot beginners, many Tarot readers miss the deeper insights that are available in this complex spread. If you want to dive deeper, you can learn all about the suits, their meanings, and how to read tarot in our Beginner’s Guide to Reading Tarot. Give free sessions to strangers to strengthen your intuition and start word-of-mouth promotions.

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There are many courses online where you can improve your intuition and make more money online. Take a course now, and open up more opportunities for yourself to make money online as a tarot card reader. This is the most assumed way to make money as a tarot reader – to have sessions with people and charge them after every session. You can also incorporate this idea without having to call your client to your home (nor you going to their home). Instead, in-person private card reading sessions can be hosted through video calls, Zoom meetings, Skype, and so on.

Practice with strangers

However, it’s common to split the deck in half, shuffle, place it into one pile, and shuffle again. You can repeat this step until you feel called to stop but make sure you follow your intuition with your shuffling. Have you ever wanted to perform a tarot card reading, but don’t know how? The first step for the uninitiated will be to set up for a reading. Choose your tarot deck, find a relaxing and comfortable spot to have a reading, and get started. Most often, tarot is used as a form of cartomancy in which practitioners draw cards to gain insight around a situation.

When it comes to readings, “it is 100% about learning the deck and being familiar with it,” says Tea. You don’t need to give a full reading to someone else in order to practice. First familiarize yourself with your deck of choice, both the cards’ names and images. Read more about angel cards online here. Then read the instructions book and practice giving readings to yourself. This can be daily readings or pulling an intention card each week.

How to Choose a Tarot Spread

She dreams of being a baker and writing about food someday. You can search for a deck online, or refer to the several small businesses and show them some love by purchasing your tarot deck from them. Pentacles card represent things in the material and physical world, like money, career and success, but these cards can also indicate emotional and spiritual prosperity. The traditional tarot deck of 78 cards is categorised into two groups – 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards.

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The Three of Cups speaks to themes of connection and mutual support among loved ones, but the reversal suggests that this energy is somewhat blocked. Remember, in our example, this is the card you pulled to represent the option of avoiding a difficult conversation with your friend. The Three of Cups reversed is a sign that taking this course will diminish your bond with them — or perhaps that the bond is already waning. Tarot is a time-honored system based on 78 archetypal energies, each with its own name and traditional meaning. When you get right down to it, though, a Tarot reading is not a math equation.

Though tarot cards have taken on a mystical meaning in the cultural imagination, they’ve been around in a less spiritual sense since at least the mid-15th century. Originally a part of the Northern Italian game Tarocchini, the cards began spreading around Europe at the onset of the Italian Wars. It wasn’t until the 18th century that tarot was used for divination purposes. Antoine Court and Jean-Baptiste Alliette are credited with popularizing tarot readings in Paris in the 1780s. While spirituality has ebbed and flowed in the Zeitgeist, Francisco has an idea of why the cards have such staying power. “Between the artistry of the images and the themes that they present, I think that’s why it’s so attractive,” he says.

These readings are designed to provide specific answers to a specific question or issue. You can ask the tarot about anything from career decisions to relationships to personal growth.

Start by shuffling your deck while thinking about your question. Read more about Love Tarot Readings here. Shuffle however feels most comfortable, and stop when you feel you’ve thought about your question enough and are ready for an answer. With a step-by-step approach to reading Tarot for others, you can expect your confidence and accuracy to increase. I recommend returning to this guide whenever you feel stuck or need a refresher on best practices.

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