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Whilst triple glazing is an option, it can be prohibitive in terms of cost. As well as this triple glazed windows are noticeably larger than double glazed units. This is due to the large frame required to house the extra panel of glass. Meaning that you’ll have less range of motion when opening and glazed doors closing your window. Plus, the extra frame may have an intrusive amount of overhang which could interfere with the furniture and fittings surrounding it. A single glazed window pane is directly in contact with the warm air inside the house and the cold air outside the house at the same time.

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If you are noticing more noise, the argon gas may have escaped from the failed sealed unit, reducing your insulation. Double glazed windows should not be collecting condensation between the panes, and if you have condensation between your panes, you definitely need new windows.

Reduced condensation

If you are interested in replacing your windows with new A-rated double glazing, contact us today for a free no-obligation quote. Cold penetration into the building and heat loss out through the window will be reduced, increasing the temperature inside.


The double glazing acts as a barrier for heat transfer, which means you will benefit from warmer winters and cooler summers. This translates into needing to use your air conditioning and central heating less, which can save you money in the long run. Triple glazing uses the same principles as double glazing but adds an extra pane of glass and another sealed space between to provide even more heat retention. Two of the glass panes are Low E and one is Low Iron, further helping to reduce heat loss and reflect warmth into the room. Single glazed windows allow heat transfer between two separate temperature zones (i.e. inside and outside). Glass is not a terribly efficient insulator with a U-Value of 5.8. As such, around 70% of the heat generated indoors passes through the pane of glass and into the air outside your home.

Based on the energy rating of different double glazing windows, the estimates below are what you could save on your heating bills each year compared to single glazing. Double glazing has a greater effect on noise reduction when compared to single-pane windows because of the additional pane of glass and the internal gas layer. Depending on the configuration, double glazing can reduce noise transmission by 19% to 57% when compared to single-pane windows.

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