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We warranty our glass and labor and provide you with better glass than what originally came with the window. With many years of experience, our residential glazing glass work experts work with you to find the perfect fit for your home.

Our window installation experts have on average 10 years of experience. Generally for repairs, the price you pay varies based on the type of problem you have.

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Some higher end manufacturers use the same glass as we do and guess what? To help you weatherproof your outdoor spaces without sacrificing the view, we offer sunroom, patio, and porch enclosures. Having an enclosed patio or sunroom alleviates some home maintenance by keeping out insects, debris, and other outdoor elements. Called in and says …Thank you for the great service and pleasant experience from beginning to end.

They help seal your house from the outside to maintain comfortable temperatures and also stop any moisture, dirt, and debris from getting into your home. Also, windows stop pests like mice, rats, snakes, and insects from getting into your home. Pests and weather can put your family’s safety at risk and also damage your belongings. A broken window after a home invasion can leave your family vulnerable to weather and pests. Therefore, you want to get glass repair in Houston as soon as you can to avoid this issue. In addition to windows, we install and repair skylights, glass doors, mirrors, and shower doors. We are fully licensed and insured to bring you the assurance that you may expect your service provider to have.

You’ve probably heard or read that replacement windows pay for themselves. While it’s true high-quality, energy-efficient windows offer measurable savings on your monthly energy bills, the amount you save will vary based on many factors.

On-Site Glass Repair Service

What do you do when your windows fall victim to a kid’s baseball or a severe hail storm? If the frames are still good, you can save some money by simply replacing the broken glass.

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That’s a common question when it comes to a lot of broken things we own. When something goes wrong or isn’t working, replacement might be the first thing that comes to mind. There’s a lot to consider when deciding to repair or replace windows. Read more about window fixers here. Things like the condition of the glass, frame and seal are important when determining whether to repair or replace your windows.

Not only does the Mezzo offer stellar energy efficiency, easy cleaning, flawless beauty. When working with Maverick Windows our dedicated Foreman will take measurements of your home windows prior to your  in-home demonstration.

Scratches occur on windows from items being dragged along them, and pets and kids can cause scratches on your windows. To repair scratches, repairmen may use different methods and tools.

Since krypton gas is denser than argon gas, it insulates better and provides increased energy efficiency. We have highly-qualified technicians that are trained in home window repair and replacement. If you’re handy around the house and your window requires minimal repair, such as replacing a piece of hardware or doing a simple re-caulk, you can make these fixes yourself. Larger repairs, such as replacing broken glass or reinstalling flashing, are better left to window professionals to ensure a quality result. The last thing you want to do is try to save money by doing the repair yourself and then end up with a problem that’s even more costly.

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